Veljekset Kellola Oy – your expert partner of choice in earthmoving and timber harvesting

Veljekset Kellola Oy, established in1998, is an expert in earthmoving and timber harvesting. Our team of 60 highly-skilled professionals operates mainly in the Oulu area, but also in other parts of Finland.

We have completed dozens of earthmoving projects of all kinds: infrastructure construction for wind farms, mass hauling on mine sites, industrial construction, and road improvement and building projects. In addition, we have expertise in excavation projects and from demanding sites and challenging contracts. Our expertise in forest management is not limited to harvesting alone: we have extensive experience in planning logging sites and we can carry out the entire process, from selling wood to cutting and post-cutting management of the site.

All our operations from planning to implementation and site management are based on our quality approach. Our goal is always a happy customer. We give you an accurate price estimate, a clear schedule and reliable professionals with suitable machinery to successfully complete your project. Contact us and ask for a quote: we are at your service!

Veljekset Kellola’s quality management certificates:

  • ISO 9001 is the framework for your quality management.
  • The standard requires focusing on the efficiency of business processes and helps to achieve the set goals.  
  • The standard takes processes into account. It highlights the creation of added value, the improvement of processes and their efficiency, as well as fact-based decision-making.
  • Recognises the environmental aspects of operations, products and services and takes their value into account.
  • Recognises the environmental impacts of operations, products and services.
  • Sets a framework for managing and controlling significant environmental aspects.
  • Sets clear goals to improve environmental performance.
  • Creates a corporate environmental policy and sets environmental goals.
  • Recognises legislation, regulations set by the authorities and the requirements of stakeholders related to environmental issues and monitors the compliance thereof.
  • Recognises legislation, regulations set by the authorities and the requirements of stakeholders related to environmental issues and monitors the compliance thereof.

The ISO 45001 standard demonstrates the commitment of an organisation to continuous improvement and compliance with the law by maintaining a management system for occupational health.

  • Commitment of senior management.
  • Participation by employees.
  • Risk management and exploitation of opportunities related to the improvement of operations.
  • Integrating occupational health and safety issues in the business processes of an organisation.
  • The ISO 45001 certification helps to improve and promote a corporate occupational health and safety culture.

The common auditing criteria for contracting in the field of forestry cover the following areas:

  • Management and development of sustainable and responsible business
  • Human resources management and development of expertise
  • Fleet
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Environment
  • Service production

PEFC™ forest certification demonstrates that forests are managed in compliance with national legislation, forest management guidelines and the principles of sustainable development, and that good forest management is voluntarily promoted. PEFC™ is an internationally-recognised label for timber that has been produced in an ecologically, financially and socially sustainable way. An increasing number of international customers and end users in the field of forestry require this certification.

Servicing and maintenance

Servicing and maintenance

Our workshop services our fleet quickly and efficiently. This ensures that our fleet is always in top-notch condition, our projects are on time and our service is efficient.


Veljekset Kellola is a reliable and agile earthmoving professional. We specialise in mass hauling, the building of infrastructure for various construction sites, road improvement and structural works as well as the construction of different basins and pools, among other things.
Standing timber projects

Standing timber projects

We buy standing pulpwood and energy wood mainly from the regions of Raahe and Oulu. We can close deals and carry out all-inclusive harvesting projects quickly. Work with us and rest assured there will be no last-minute surprises: mutual trust is important to us.
Timber harvesting

Timber harvesting

Efficient, high-quality timber harvesting with modern machinery carried out by highly-skilled staff is at the core of our expertise. High-quality work and customer satisfaction are close to our hearts. We have a wide range of machinery, from high load-bearing caterpillar harvesters to final felling machinery.