Leading main contractor for even the most demanding projects

For us, it is important to help our customers complete even their largest projects successfully and on time. It is equally important for us to guarantee the well-being of our employees in our growing company. At Veljekset Kellola, we believe in transparency, long-term cooperation and a good atmosphere of mutual trust both with our customers and our staff.

  • 1990–1997 Marko Kellola starts earthmoving and timber harvesting contract work
  • 1998 Partnership with Veljekset Kellola Ay is established by Marko and Mikko Kellola
  • 1998 Contract with a local forestry society
  • 1999 Contract with Junnikkalan Saha sawmill
  • 2005 Name and company form changes to Veljekset Kellola Oy limited liability company
  • 2010 Work at a mining site starts
  • 2012 Juha Kellola becomes a shareholder
  • 2013 Wind farm project starts
  • 2016 Work starts at Hanhikivi nuclear power plant site
  • 2014 Repair workshops built
  • 2014 Contract with Metsähallitus
  • 2019 Managing director recruited
  • 2020 Quality certificates obtained

Veljekset Kellola Oy

Veljekset Kellola Oy offers a high-quality, efficient and flexible all-inclusive service in the fields of earthmoving and timber harvesting. We have extensive experience of working on demanding sites. We want to create significant added value for our customers. The foundations of our expertise in earthmoving and wood harvesting lie in good working methods, highly-skilled professional drivers, our passion for our work and for learning, as well as the efficient implementation of plans with modern, powerful machinery.


Our strategy is to be a strong, growing and reputable timber harvesting, earthmoving and excavation service provider throughout Finland. We measure our success by means of net sales, cashflow and the commitment of our professional personnel. Our secondary focal points are post-calculation, development of our operations and earning power. The third stage of our strategy consists of possible corporate acquisitions that allow us to grow and internationalise.


We offer timber harvesting, earthmoving and excavation services in Finland in a profitable way through our professional personnel and subcontracting network, to the agreed schedule and in a positive atmosphere. As a support function, we also offer servicing and maintenance services for machinery related to our core business.


We want to be a world-class turnkey main contractor in the fields of timber harvesting, earthmoving and excavation, even in the most demanding projects. We have the best employees in the field, a great working atmosphere, effective operating methods and machinery, as well as passion to help our customers to successfully complete their projects.

The successful completion of a site requires committed professionals and adherence to the agreed schedule. If performance changes, the results will change, too. Performance changes when you want better results. In our projects, we strengthen everyday leadership in a hands-on manner and at every organisational level when needed. We also create well-being at work for our employees and shareholders.

We cherish the following values in our operations:

The faster the information that is needed for work reaches the right people and the clearer the information is, the less uncertainty, mistrust and guesswork there is. In addition to internal transparency, external transparency is important too, because this has an impact on the company’s brand. A good corporate image means committed employees, and it attracts customers and new professionals.

We do not rush through our projects; instead, we want to work in a quick yet careful manner. We know from experience that postponing things will only impact negatively on results.

We aim for growth. We challenge ourselves to achieve healthy, controlled growth in such a way that it is cost-efficient in our customer segment.

Our business is founded on both operative and technical quality. We ensure that our products and services meet our customers’ expectations in order to nourish long-term customer relationships.

For us, flexibility means that we are able to adjust to qualitative and quantitative changes in demand, taking the needs of our personnel, machinery and our customers into account.

Do you need contracting or timber harvesting?

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